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Honeymoon Food!

By request, I am going to go ahead and share the food we ate on our honeymoon before I post about our wedding, and show the other pictures! We stayed at Sandals La Toc in St. Lucia.  All of the food was so good!  I think I have some more pictures, but I'll have to find them.  Let your eyes "feast!" 

We are not really beer drinkers, but to go to St. Lucia, and not share their national beer, which is so popular there, would be a shame.  We did taste it, and for beer it was actually not that bad.  So to someone who likes beer, its probably really good.  The butler told us not to drink to many, or we would be going home with twins. LOL

We only got room serves twice I believe, but this was our food from one of the times.  I'm not sure if I took a picture of the other time.  The butler brought it to us, and he sat it on the table.  The morning we got breakfast, he even put a table cloth on the small table on the back patio next to the pool, and put some flower pedals on it.

 The first restaurant we went to at night was La Toc. It was a French restaurant and it was yummy!  It was a very relaxing and romantic setting.  Sorry the pictures are bad lighting, it was really dim in there and I didn't want to flash to distract people. lol  It's a four or five course meal….I think four but I'm not sure.  I don't get to eat escargot very often, so I was really excited that they had it.  I also heard that they occasionally change the menus, but I'm not sure if that's true.

When they say salad, this is what they mean…that one pice of lettuce lol but the shrimp was good! So I would get the salad with shrimp if you like that!

I don't remember which one of these was mine, but I think it's the first picture.  I actually tried duck! Yes you read that right…duck! I would have never thought I could do that, but it was vacation and I like to try new things, so I ordered it.  It was SO good! I would defiantly recommend it!! Don't worry, it doesn't look like what it is. Just looks like chicken. ;-)

We got the couples desert, I'm not sure what it's called, but it's basically just a small bite or two of several different things.  It was yummy, but I wish I had more of the macaroons and creme brûlée! 

The next two pictures were from the Japanese place.  This was a night that we got to meet other couples.  We met some interesting people, and had good conversations.  It's a very casual atmosphere, but really fun.  I thought I took a picture of the entree, but I didn't find them in the file, so they may be on my other SD card….unless I forgot to take a picture :-) If I find them, I will load them here.

The next 5 dishes were from Armando's the italian restaurant, and in my opinion they had the best breakfast. (Breakfast pictures are the first 3)  This restaurant is by the second largest pool, and it's kind of above it.  Therefore, you have a  view of the pool with the waterfall in it, and you also have a beautiful view out to the ocean.  This was my favorite view! 

By far my favorite meal was the pancakes! They didn't taste like normal pancakes! They were sweeter, and believe it or not, that is all of the syrup I used, and my plate is normally drenched! I believe they were called lemon sugar, but I'm not 100 % sure.  If I can find the recipe, I'm going to attempt to make it!

This was one of the first lunches we had on the island.  We ate here right after our butler showed us around the resort.  It was defiantly filled you up!  It was also yummy for your tummy! 

I can't remember the restaurant of the following 6 dishes.  However, if you plan to visit, it's the restaurant right next to the pizza restaurant, and it almost looks like they are the same place.
All of the Restaurants have a pretty view, but this one is completely outdoor.  (The pizza place as well.)  You sit on a patio, so to speak, and its right on the beach looking out onto the water.  We liked this restaurant, but it was our least favorite out of all of them.

 This next meal was good, but just "okay" when compared to everything else that we ate.  The drink was called a Funky Monkey I believe, and it tasted just like a frozen chocolate covered banana!

This next beautiful drink was our favorite the whole time! You can also get this at the other bars, and not just this restaurant.  We got it most of the time from the pool bar.  It's called "No Pressure."  It is Pina Colada mix, Strawberry Daiquiri mix, and some type of blue liqueur (I think its Curacao Liqueur).  It may also have rum in it, but I'm not sure. I'm going to attempt to make it this summer. LOL

Chocolate eclair….need I say more? :-) 

The next plate was from the street party buffet.  That whole party was so much fun! There was lots of music and dancing involved! The buffet was filled with St. Lucia's native food.  Most of it was spicy, but they also have things that are not.  I thought it was spicy, but really good.  However, I love spicy, and I eat spicy foods all the time. Two couples that we were sitting with don't really eat spicy and went back to the buffet to get something not so spicy because it was too much for them, but you never know unless you try it! :-)

On the last night, we at at the Piton's, and our butler decorated our table for use.  It was so nice! This restaurant was really….really slow, but it was a romantic setting, so it was nice to wait.  It could have also just be that night.  The food was also very yummy! I like steak with a lot of fat, so I loved it; however, my husband doesn't really like a lot of fat, so it wasn't his favorite.

This plate was mine and it was called "Surf and Turf."  I really enjoyed it!!

I don't really remember what these two were called but I think the first was carrot cake… they were good what ever they were lol

Hungry yet?

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