Friday, June 13, 2014

23 Random Facts About Me!

We'll because I'm 23, I decided to do 23 random facts about me instead of the popular 20 facts. :-) However, it's actually a bit more just because some of them have more than one fact to a number because of relevance, but we are going to pretend it's just 23. ;-) 

  1. I love God! 
  2. My favorite color is lime green, but a very close second is blue. 
  3. I married the man of my dreams and my Prince Charming in April!
  4. I'm very analytical about random things.
  5. I love creative writing.
  6. I enjoy games, especially strategy ones.
  7. Other languages intrigue me, and I'm currently learning Spanish. I also hope to learn as many others as possible. :-) 
  8. I love taking pictures and videos. There is just something about capturing a perfect moment, and keeping it like a time capsule. I also love to capture the things I see through my own eyes that not everyone sees....more like the "way" people see things. 
  9. I love to travel. 
  10. I played the clarinet in middle school concert band.
  11. Some times I think a little too deeply, which kinda goes back to being analytical.
  12. I graduated with a Bachelor's Degree in Marketing this past December.
  13. My sweet hubby and I just moved into our new home when we got back from our honeymoon.
  14. My brother and I are 16 years and 10 days apart....I'm the older one. Yes, he was planned.
  15. I have two adorable dogs, Snickers and Rally.
  16. I love almost all types of music.
  17. I have a room in my house that is designated as my "creative space." It's kind of like an office, but a little crazier and maybe, just maybe a little funky. ;-)
  18. I tend to procrastinate, but I'm working to do better with that.  I actually have improved a lot!
  19. I like to make lists of things that I need to do.  I love the feeling of accomplishment after marking something off.
  20. I'm a kid at heart.
  21. I've pretty much had the same hairstyle all of my life until recently.  Well...once right after I graduated high school, I got side bangs, and that was a big deal. However, I could blend them into my hair when I didn't fix them, but a week or so ago, I got "real" bangs.  I kinda like them! :-)
  22. I constantly walk around the house singing loudly...and I mean loud. I think I might drive my husband and dogs crazy! LOL It's just my nature.
  23. Sometimes I pretend I'm a rapper....even though I'm clearly not. :-)


  1. 5. You do write creatively!
    6. I challenge you to the game of your choice!
    7. Next time we email each other, let's do it totally in Espanol! I'm trying to re-learn what Spanish I once knew in HS.
    8. LOVE your videos!
    Best wishes to you and your husband!

    1. 5. Thanks! :-)
      6. Challenge accepted! Let me think of a game.
      7. LOL ok we can try! Mine is getting a little rusty, but I'm working on it.
      8. Thanks!!

      Best wishes to you too!