Monday, July 15, 2013

Berlin, Germany

I'm so excited to say that I FINALLY got the chance to go see my Germany sister this past March, and I FINALLY got on a plane again!! Woot Woot!! It was an amazing experience to see the European culture, and also just to live the life of Linda! :-)

That was me at the Berlin Gate when it just happened to start snowing! (Schnee) I was SUPER excited!! I don't get to see snow that often.  After that, it snowed most of the trip, and I was living in a winter wonder land!!  I'm not sure that Linda was so happy to see more snow though because she actually has to live in it. LOL


Nick and I in front of .... If your not familiar with Europe, then a fun fact for you is that the blue flag behind us is the European flag, and it also has stars in a circle that represent each country that is in the European Union.  Also, the red, black, and yellow flag is the German flag.  The Belgium flag is the same, but the strips go up and down instead.

This place has an interesting name!! Can you guess the English name for it?? No..well the picture itself it s a hint! It's called the pregnant oyster. HAHA get it?!  Because it looks like an oyster that is prego?? So Linda and I are pretending that the oysters baby is our baby in the picture. hehe

So much happened in just one week that I couldn't possibly put it all into my blog unfortunately, but I hope you have enjoyed a glimpse of what my trip was like!  I defiantly will go back as soon as I get the chance!

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