Tuesday, June 11, 2013

Cabin Fever!

While Nick is working, and I'm on one of my off days, I sit...sit in the hotel.  I'm about to go crazy with CABIN FEVER!! Seriously! LOL

Today, I even had a list of things I needed to do for school and other things that needed to be done; however, I didn't do hardly any of it! For some reason, sitting in this room makes me soooo lazy and hungry! I want to do nothing but watch TV and sleep.

I don't want to waste the beautiful days though.  That's why next week, I'm going to go out to a coffee shop or something to do my school work.  After that, I'm going to make myself go to a dog park, swim, or do something productive.  I want to enjoy the beautiful life that God gave me!

On the other hand, I did make myself do yoga today. After Nick got home, we also finished watching season 3 of Nikita.

Sugar sweet kisses,
Danni xoxo

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