Monday, January 30, 2012

Creative Mind

Why is it that someone can be quite creative, but yet their mind just goes blank when they need it most. Basically writers block! Yes it sucks a lot!

I always have these great ideas when I'm out and about, but then I have time at home to actually sit down and put those ideas on paper...and... nothing.. totally forgot everything!! I suppose I should start carrying around a journal, and write things down right away. However, then i'm face with dealing with my friends and/or family thinking that my ideas are stupid. It's not like they are trying to be rude, its just that it's there first reaction to what I say. On the other hand, their personality is not like mine, and we like different things. So, in that case, there has to be other people in the world with the same likes as me. For example, YouTube videos, the people I like to watch are completely different than the ones some people I know like to watch, and if people watch them and I also, then wouldn't other people like my video ideas? I just feel really stupid sometimes. lol.

My friends in high school used to laugh at me because I was always coming up with ideas, and they would just tell me, "You always have a new idea". Somewhere along the line though, I got busy and didn't have time for anything creative, but when I realize that and try to find that enjoyable hobby I once had, I feel like all of my creative juices just left the building. It's just like any other thing, you get better with practice, so I just have to dive right back in and be patient, right?

Well, we will see. I have to at least try. I'm tired of letting things I love, just slip away because I didn't have the time. Time is a another topic for another day though.

Well I guess that is my spill for the day. :-)

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