Sunday, October 2, 2011


I haven't really had time to post in my blog, but I have some videos coming that I just need to edit.
On the other hand, today was eventful. This morning we went to the church service that they hold at campus on Sundays. That was fun, but it was really cold in the room!! The preacher was on a video, so it was like watching church on TV, LOL, but it was a good service. He preached on Luke 8:4-16 and a few other things, but that was mostly it.
After that, my friends and I went to the new dining hall to eat, and let me tell you.... I ate WAAYYYYY too much!! LOL :D That's OK because my diet can "always start tomorrow".
Then when we were finished eating, I went home and took a nap. After my lovely nap, Nick and I went to flag football practice. We have some pretty sweet plays =) I'll post some pictures soon!! I will also post a video, if i can get one.
Finally to end my day, everyone went out to Milky Moo's to eat, most everyone got ice cream, but I ate real food because I was hungry after practice :) I did eat a bite to try the ice cream though. All of the food and ice cream was good there. We had a fun night.
Now I'm just home, about to study some fantastic finance because..well i just need too lol :) Its a super hard class! Just glad that I'm not a finance major. I like it OK, its just difficult, and I'm not interested enough to major in it. That's OK because I'm a marketing major, and I love my marketing class!!! OK well i really have to go now! :)
Have an awesome day!!
Much love,
Danni <3

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